At last I get to work on the latest, ninth episode of The Puerto Rico Connection. But on the New Media class on Thursday 25th, there was no connection. Alan tried his best to give a talk to my students. Unfortunately the networks did not collaborate. My students and I tried every possible route: Wifi, Ethernet and cellular hotspots, to no avail.

Blame the Internetz!

Until Alan found the culprit,

Image from the popular folklore, elaborated by somebody, but who?


In the previous post (Preparing for the 9th episode) there are the ideas Alan and I played with during our fine conversation. In fact, he was smart to gear it towards the recent first-image-ever of a black hole. From there, it was a freewheeling talk on what’s a photo of a black hole vs. an image; the singularity idea of a point in spacetime where not even light can escape from; and the digression to the limit when we discussed what would happen if we reduced the podcast’s timing to zero, little by little? It’s a joke, but mathematicians use this “limit” idea pretty often and with beautiful results. So, how would we open and close a recording which lasts exactly zero point zero time? If it were 0.0001 seconds, we might image being very very very quick. But with no time at all, would it still make sense? A line, if you reduce its length progressively up to zero, will become a point. It makes sense as a point but it’s difficult to see a point as an abstract line taken to the limit. But a recording? Of course it’s non-sense, but one it was fun to talk about!

Anyhow, see the previous post to read a bit more on this.

On the episode we talked about other stuff, of course. No spoilers here. And we said we would publish here the links we collect and share and we’d like to discuss on the air. We didn’t discuss them on this episode, though, since we hadn’t had a chance to read them beforehand. So, it’s for next time. Here, I’ll paste a copy of the feed coming from the shared tag prcon:

where the tab=153 means to get only the recent links. Now, the diigo page for these links ( would not return the description of each link. Fortunately, the Firefox add-on Want My RSS does. And this is the result. To activate and annotate this page please, click below, then activate the tool by clicking on the arrow at the northeast corner of the page:

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Who Ya Calling a Grader? – CogDogBlog

Surprising that we still have to discuss simple, obvious stuff. Alan makes a compelling case on grading; why we consider students’ work as evidence of their mastery of a discipline, a concept, or a creative process. Of course, this does not mean at all grading the student: it’s the student’s work that gets considered. Can’t believe there are people who think like “grading the student”. Grading actually does not makes much sense, in a knowledge-centered world: Would you be on the operating table of a surgeon who got a “C” average? What does the “C” means? Can she operate or not? Can he pilot a plane or not?


The Infinite Document – WorkFlowy

“WorkFlowy is a single document that can contain infinite documents inside it. It’s a more powerful, easier way to organize all the information in your life.” The plain idea of an “infinite document” is very appealing to me. Likewise, the recursivity of such a document–cotaining infinite other docs within–is fascinating. Would it be useful? How?


Dissection Font

In these fonts, each letter or digit or ampersand can be dissected (cut into pieces such that those pieces re-arrange) into a 6 × 6 square. The dissections all happen to be polyomino dissections, and they allow translation, rotation, and reflection …


I did not edit the links’ code at all, so it seems with a simple copy & paste we got a reasonable format on this post. Now it’s just a matter of opening up in this post and we all can annotate it.

And now, enjoy Episode Nine!

[Featured Image: Singularity, Flickr photo by sharkhats. CC-Licensed BY-NC. Some rights reserved]