Antonio Vantaggiato and I have intended to do a podcast series for a long time; it was only a big wind named Maria that put a kink in the plans.

Hurricane Maria

Sagrado del Corazón inside an outline of the Puerto Rico Map, all with French Connection style typography.

In deciding where to publish podcasts once gets mired in platform and technical details. Antonio and I decided instead to free form it and move across a few platforms.

This is emergent, after all.

We published the first four episodes on TapeWrite an interesting platform that provides a mean to attach media / content “cards” on an audio timeline, in a way a form of annotation.

Because we are looking at moving now to another place, I suggested first we start writing our notes Medium (we had been writing up the episodes in our own blogs). But then it seemed worth it to Claim the whole thing as a blog we manage, maintain, own all hosted by our friends at Reclaim Hosting; all audio os now served from an Amazon S3 Bucket.

We typically record via Skype using Ecamm Conference Call recorder and do some editing in Audacity to remove umms and stuff, plus to insert some cool French Connection style music, just a few seconds from Don Ellis’s rendition:

A downside we found, was that because we are friends, we like to talk a lot… like over an hour. That ends up being a lot of content to annotate, so by Episode 4 we came up with the infamous Twenty Minute limit.


Enjoy the podcasts and the other random stories we post.

Featured Image: Muchas Gracias Antonio! flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license